About Dr. Ferreira

Dr Carl J. Ferreira graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1975 from the College of the Holy Cross with a BA in Biology. He was enrolled in the Honors Program and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. After graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson School of Dental Medicine in 1979 and completing a General Practice Residency at Rhode Island Hospital, he has practiced dentistry for almost 30 years.

Dr Ferreira was drawn to natural health and healing as a means to overcome his own particular health issue, which despite the skepticism of his physician, was successfully accomplished … naturally. As a result he furthered his commitment to natural health and obtained a Doctorate in Classical Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health, Certification as a Natural Health Professional and board certification as an Alternative Medical Practitioner by the American Alternative Medical Association.

This background from the traditional allopathic arena and the natural health and healing focus provides clients with a unique perspective of their health issues. Clients appreciate having a doctor who is well versed in conventional medicine and skilled in a wide range of alternative healing modalities.

About Health Naturally

We believe that it is our mission to guide our clients to the state of health they are willing to work toward, through the use of non-invasive therapies, nutrition and a balanced holistic lifestyle. We assist clients with identifying both the damaging and the healing forces in their daily life and direct the client to maximize the body’s inherent self-healing capacity.


Carl J. Ferreira, ND, CNHP, AMP
1190 Stafford Road
Fall River, MA 02721

Phone: 508-679-4199

E-mail: health-naturally@hotmail.com

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