Food & Inhalant Allergen testing

A simple blood test is used to identify, through the Elisa Method, elevated antibodies to 96 common foods and 64 combined indoor and outdoor inhalants. The Elisa Method is a precise and accurate method to identfy your food and inhalant allergies. These allergies may be contributing to undue inflammation in your body and may be associated with many chronic and autoimmune diseases. Allergy testing will help you discover what you need to avoid in your diet and environment to minimize symptoms from unnecessary inflammatory processes due to daily exposures.

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We believe that it is our mission to guide our clients to the state of health they are willing to work toward, through the use of non-invasive therapies, nutrition and a balanced holistic lifestyle. We assist clients with identifying both the damaging and the healing forces in their daily life and direct the client to maximize the body’s inherent self-healing capacity.


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