Health & Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

  • A comprehensive health assessment which includes a in depth analysis of your current diet to see where improvements can be made.
  • An assessment of all your nutrients , organ and glandular systems to see where nutritional support is needed.
  • A metabolic evaluation with recommendations made according to your metabolic type.
  • Corrective food recommendations and a diet suited to your health concerns. Foods to eat and foods to avoid.
  • Proper supplement recommendations to correct imbalances and nutrient deficiencies.

About Health Naturally

We believe that it is our mission to guide our clients to the state of health they are willing to work toward, through the use of non-invasive therapies, nutrition and a balanced holistic lifestyle. We assist clients with identifying both the damaging and the healing forces in their daily life and direct the client to maximize the body’s inherent self-healing capacity.


Carl J. Ferreira, ND, CNHP, AMP
1190 Stafford Road
Fall River, MA 02721

Phone: 508-679-4199


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