Saliva Testing/Metabolic Analysis

    Salivary Cortisol assesses pituitary adrenal function. An abnormal adrenal function can influence many functions of the body including: Adrenal Fatigue, Muscle and Joint function, Bone Health(Osteoporosis), Immune Health, Sleep Quality, Skin Regeneration, Thyroid Function, Grain Intolerance
  2. DHEA
    DHEA is an adrenal steroid and is a precursor to all sex hormones (Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone) as well as having a role in neuroprotection and anti-ageing. Serum and salivary DHEA levels are adversely affected by abnormal fluctuations in cortisol levels. Excessive cortisol levels will create a cascade whereby pregnenolone levels, DHEA levels and sex hormone levels are all decreased.
    Insulin activity is affected by the stress and cortisol responses. Chronic stress with cortisol elevation antagonizes insulin and may cause functional insulin resistance which is a precursor to diabetes and/or metabolic syndrome.
  4. Total Salivary Siga
    Imbalanced secretory IgA levels may provide the link between gut imbalances and systemic illness. The important immunoglobulin is the first line of defense against bacteria, food residues, fungi, parasites and viruses. Short and long-term stress is known to suppress the immune response on the surfaces of our body as well as in the lungs, throat, urinary and intestinal tract.Low levels can make us more susceptible to infection and may be a fundamental cause of asthma, autoimmune conditions, Celiac Disease, chronic infections, Crohn’s Disease, candidiasis, food intolerances, allergies, and behavioural problems. Very high levels of sIgA can also be found in people who have chronic infections and whose immune system is overloaded and hypersensitive. Lifestyle, stress, and nutritional factors can influence sIgA levels.
  5. Gliadin Ab (Gluten Sensitivity)
    Gliadins are polypeptides found in wheat, rye, oats, barley, buckwheat and other grains and are toxic to the intestinal mucosa in susceptible individuals. Healthy adults and children may have a positive antigliadin test because of subclinical intolerance. Some symptoms may include mild enteritis, occasional loose stools, fat intolerance, marginal vitamin and mineral status, fatigue or accelerated osteoporosis.

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